Stop changing your looks, Twitter

Totally not Facebook-like, that's something new and original son.

Totally not Facebook-like, that’s something new and original son.

“Look at Twitter, got this new style, sure, it looks cool and all, just that this other guy, Facebook, wore it before”

What’s wrong with you, Dear Lords of The Twitter-World? I don’t get why Twitter needs to have this exact look to that site I don’t like, Facebook.

I’ve been on twitter since January 23rd, 2010! (thank you first-tweet site) that’s four years, four years escaping from all of my Facebook friends, in a website that’s so cool, where you just write your thoughts in 140-letters max, talk about awesome ideas and how they’re not doing things quite right at the time.

I don’t need a huge banner, a list of photos and videos (well maybe that one in case there’s a pretty lady) or a list of the best tweets I have in mind for everyone to see, those are mine. It’s just something that, although it sounds great, it turns a website dedicated on quick updates on someone’s life, to a Facebook profile that we don’t need (I really don’t like you facebook).

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